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A flexible, personalized online learning experience!

Students in the 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th grades are able to apply for enrollment! 12th grade will be offered beginning in Fall 2024, though we may be able to offer limited courses to your senior now.

Students are able to apply for enrollment at any time.

Our new fully remote private high school option is for students and families who want to combine the flexibility and freedom of homeschooling with the resources and confidence that come from working with highly qualified teachers and academic advisors. Using our engaging, accredited curriculum, certified teachers will provide feedback and grading to help your child reach their academic goals. 

We are currently accepting 9th-11th grade students, as well as 8th graders ready for high school coursework. 12th grade will be available beginning in the fall of 2024, but please email admin@miaprep.education to see how we can support your student.

Engaging Curriculum

Unlike many other online high schools, our instruction is delivered through professionally produced teaching videos created by a team of subject matter experts and professional presenters, designers, and editors to keep your students engaged and excited about what they’re learning! Our course offerings include all core subjects and a variety of electives, and we’re adding new content all the time!

Why Choose MiaPrep Online High School?

At MiaPrep Online High School, we believe in offering our families a schooling option that works around their lives. MOHS gives students the freedom to work at their own pace, discuss their progress with a dedicated academic advisor, and have assignments graded and reviewed by experts in their field. Our unique system invites students to speak with a live teacher during our regular office hours, interact with other students using our safe, fully moderated online community, attend live, content-specific seminars, and hear about exciting experiences and careers from our guest speakers.

We pride ourselves on maintaining unparalleled customer service, so that families never feel alone in their educational journey. Our award-winning, accredited curriculum is engaging, adaptable, and comprehensive, full of interesting videos and effective assignments to help even the most difficult material stick. We have the best staff, content creators, and teachers available, all of whom are passionate about their subject area and dedicated to the quality of student education. In fact, many of our employees homeschool their own children, so we work hard to ensure that our content is accessible to students learning from home. Parents who enroll in MiaPrep Online High School get all of this (and more!) for a fraction of the cost of other online high schools.

Parents and students at MiaPrep Online High School are looking for something different: they want the flexibility of schooling from home, with the confidence and support of qualified professionals. They want an alternative to traditional high school, and they don’t want an online high school that simply mimics an overly structured, in-person classroom, nor one where their student is just one of many and receives no personalized attention. They are advocates for getting the best education possible for their children. They are innovators, just like we are.

“My son normally gets anxious about his assignments, and I think he gets frustrated only having mom or dad to talk to. There was a lot less frustration and stress at home this week, as he had another adult to run questions by.”

Apply now

To apply for your child, fill out an application here. The application asks for general information about you and your child, as well as more specific information about their current schooling and previously completed coursework. We are able to grant credits to incoming students for completed high school coursework upon verification of adequate documentation, transcripts from a previous school, and/or placement tests as needed.


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Still Have Questions?

If you have any questions about our new online school, check out our FAQ section, or reach out to our admin team at admin@miaprep.education for more information! You can also learn more about our curriculum at parents.miaprep.com.

Our base tuition cost is $400/month.

However, if parents enroll their child in MiaPrep Online High School now, they will receive a 20% discount ($318/month). This cost includes the price of the MiaPrep.com membership. However, parents will have this split into two charges ($278/month for MOHS tuition and $40/month for MiaPrep.com membership).

Parents who have a lifetime membership to MiaPrep.com will receive a $40/month credit on their tuition, which means that their MiaPrep Online High School tuition will only be $278/month.

By enrolling now, you will lock in your current tuition price until graduation or cancellation, avoiding any possible tuition increases in the future!

At MiaPrep Online High School, your student will use the same curriculum that MiaPrep.com offers, plus additional and exclusive subject-specific seminars, guest speakers, and the opportunity to meet with teachers for additional help during scheduled office hours. Students will also have a number of assignments for each course that will act as checkpoints for your student’s progress, and these will be graded by credentialed teachers. These will verify that your student is learning the content as expected and ensure that they are progressing toward earning course credits.

Yes. We will continue to offer our current MiaPrep homeschool program! We are dedicated to providing a flexible homeschool curriculum for parents who choose that route.

MiaPrep Online High School is a self-paced high school that uses the MiaPrep.com curriculum. While students will have access to a Google Classroom where they will submit specific assignments, their regular day will be self-paced and flexible. Students can log on and complete assignments at the time that is best for them, slowing down or working ahead depending on their academic needs. During the week, students will have the opportunity to attend regularly-scheduled office hours to meet with teachers when they have specific questions, seminars, or social club events.

Families with a lifetime or annual membership will see an additional reduction on their tuition costs to offset their membership costs. Since MiaPrep Online High School will use the same curriculum as MiaPrep.com, all families must maintain an active membership with MiaPrep.com to be enrolled in the high school. Therefore, we will reduce your tuition payments by an additional $40/month to cover the expense of your lifetime or annual membership. Parents who choose to pay for their MiaPrep.com subscription on a monthly basis will have their tuition reduced as well, but they will still need to pay for the MiaPrep.com subscription separately each month.

Yes! If you enroll multiple children, you will benefit from an additional 20% off each student’s lowest tuition cost before any tuition assistance.

We will contact you soon as we begin the process of enrollment, which will involve identification verification, a $30 non-refundable enrollment fee, and documentation in order to verify identity and award credits for previous coursework. 

We ask that you please keep an eye on your “Spam” and “Promotion” folders for that information. We are excited to begin this process with you!

When you apply to MiaPrep Online High School, you can request tuition assistance and provide additional information and documentation in support of your family’s needs. In the days following your application, you will receive information regarding financial aid offerings

Students who have already completed coursework for high school will be awarded credits based on verification of adequate documentation, transcripts from a previous school, and/or placement tests as needed. New enrollees will meet with our academic counselor to design their Student Academic Plan before their first day of school.

To maintain the flexibility that we offer parents, students will not have traditional attendance. There are some minimum requirements for meeting with the MOHS staff at least once per quarter, and possibly at other times of the year as necessary. These meetings can be scheduled at your family’s convenience, however.

Yes! Since the high school credits will be based on earning course credits and not on a traditional school year plan, students can work through the courses that best fit their academic levels. Students and parents will set up an academic plan with an advisor once they enroll that will detail which courses students need to complete to earn a diploma.

  • Receiving a diploma from an accredited private school
  • Advice and guidance from an academic advisor, making sure your child is on track
  • Grading and feedback for specific assignments from qualified teachers
  • Access to social clubs, subject-specific seminars, and guest speakers
  • Opportunity to attend office hours for help from a qualified teacher

While still…

  • Having flexibility over days/times of study
  • Having the flexibility of choosing courses (with the guidance of an academic advisor)

Yes, if they have the appropriate amount of credits. However, as we are currently building our available courses for our 12th-grade credits over the next year, the earliest a student will be able to graduate is currently expected to be May 2025. Students may be able to graduate earlier by taking additional credits through our Arizona State University dual-enrollment partnership.

We will not hold regular live classes – students will continue to follow their own at-home learning schedule in order to remain flexible in their education. However, we will offer regular, live office hours for students who have specific questions for a teacher and occasional seminars where a teacher or guest speaker will host a live online meeting to teach subject-specific topics. The office hours and seminars are optional but encouraged.

We do not offer 1-on-1 tutoring. However, we will have regularly scheduled office hours where any student can drop in to meet with a subject-specific certified teacher. During office hours, students can ask any questions they need to about their course, small assignments, or Checkpoint assignments. Often, these office hours work just like 1-on-1 meetings, but because they are open to the MiaPrep Online High School community, there may be other students in attendance who are looking for help as well.

Since private schools often have limited resources, including the personnel that can accommodate all IEPs and 504s, the government does not require private schools that do not receive funding from the government to follow IEPs or 504s. Because MiaPrep Online High School is in this category, we will be limited on what services and educational help we can provide. However, we certainly hope to partner with you in designing a plan that provides your child with everything they need to be successful.

At this time, we are able to accommodate students’ learning needs in the following ways:

  • By offering a schooling option that allows students to work at their own pace and on their own schedule 
  • By offering weekly office hours for each core subject that students can attend, along with other students, to get help with coursework
  • By providing modifications or alternatives for specific Checkpoint assignments
  • By providing feedback and grading for specific Checkpoint assignments
  • By providing flexible and optional social opportunities for students to interact with teachers and other students
  • By providing academic counseling to customize your students’ course load based on their interests, goals, and academic abilities
  • By allowing students to revise their Checkpoint assignments and resubmit them for a higher grade
  • By allowing students to retake any multiple choice assessments on our site
  • By continuing to offer many of our existing site features that support students, such as Text-to-Speech, closed captions, self-paced lessons, unlimited time on assessments, the ability to pause or take a break during assessments, and the ability to reassign lessons or review lessons at any point 

Because of our limited resources as a new school, we are NOT currently able to offer the following supports:

  • 1-on-1 tutoring or support for students with a teacher outside of scheduled office hours
  • A designated special education teacher who is responsible for your child’s learning goals
  • Occupational therapy, speech therapy, or other specific cognitive or physical therapeutic services
  • Grading and/or feedback for all assignments found in our PDFs outside of office hours (grading for each course will be limited to Checkpoint assignments only)
  • Guaranteed compatibility with assistive technology
  • Modified video or digital resources (such as printing PDFs and mailing them to parents)
  • Sustained mental health or behavioral health services 
  • Support for any content that is not offered on MiaPrep.com

While these lists are not exhaustive, we hope that they can help you decide if MiaPrep Online High School is a good fit for your student. If you would like to ask about specific concerns related to your child and whether we can provide support for their needs, please let us know by emailing admin@miaprep.education.

Yes! However, the curriculum on MiaPrep.com and MiaPrep Online High School requires two slightly different accreditations.

The curriculum on MiaPrep.com is accredited as a Supplementary Education Program, which means our curriculum has been vetted, is considered high-quality by the accreditation agency, and can be used as a main curriculum in your own homeschooling (depending on the laws of your state). With your membership to MiaPrep.com, your child has access to high-quality materials but is still homeschooled by you. Using our curriculum alone does not award any credits or issue a diploma to your student.

MiaPrep Online High School, however, is fully accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) for grades 9-12. This accreditation is an extra step beyond our existing accreditation for MiaPrep.com and Miacademy. It permits MOHS to award diplomas and course credits that are recognized by universities, trade schools, and careers all across the world.  

Additionally, MOHS uses MiaPrep.com curriculum. As opposed to homeschooling on your own, enrolling your child in MiaPrep Online High School is the equivalent of enrolling your child in any other private school, while still retaining many of the benefits and flexibility of learning from home. MiaPrep Online High School is different from our MiaPrep.com website membership because of the additional benefits, including awarding high school credits upon successful completion of courses, which will lead to a diploma that we will issue. 

If you decide that MiaPrep Online High School is not a good fit for you, we will always continue to offer our current MiaPrep.com homeschool curriculum. We are dedicated to providing a flexible, homeschool curriculum for parents who choose that route.

If you need any further information about WASC or their accreditation process, please reach out to them here: Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges, 533 Airport Blvd., Suite 200, Burlingame, CA 94010, www.acswasc.org.

As a private school, MiaPrep Online High School is not bound to any specific standards or curriculum. Our curriculum has not changed as a result of receiving accreditation. We will continue to provide and produce engaging content created by highly-qualified teachers.

Parents who apply will receive information on the next steps within a week or so, including information on how to enroll your child, if you choose to do so. Please keep an eye on your “Spam” and “Promotion” folders for this communication.

Since we are still building our 12th-grade curriculum, it is unlikely that we would have the necessary courses to satisfy your student’s remaining senior graduation credits. However, beginning in the 2023/2024 school year, we will be offering 9th, 10th, and 11th grade, with 12th-grade courses soon to follow. We encourage you to reach out to us at admin@miaprep.education to see if we can help.

Yes, we will! Once students complete all of the coursework needed for their diploma, they will be invited to attend the next upcoming graduation ceremony so that we can recognize their accomplishments. All graduation ceremonies will be held online.

We are currently accepting students who are ready to begin 9th, 10th, or 11th-grade coursework. 12th grade will be offered beginning in Fall 2024, though we may be able to offer limited courses to your senior now. Please email admin@miaprep.education if you have specific questions about your student.

We’re very excited to offer reduced-cost, dual-credit courses through our partnership with ASU! Please visit this page for more information, or speak to a member of our administrative team by emailing admin@miaprep.education.