Preparing for life and higher education.

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• It's the curriculum with the most opportunities to interact and communicate with other members

• We offer many off-screen, hands-on activities

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Coming soon: In August 2022, MiaPrep will start an online high school where you can interact with the teachers who wrote the curriculum and join live events with other students!

Engaging Teaching

MiaPrep is an engaging online high school curriculum. Take a look at the video - this is not the "same old" way of teaching!

We offer academic excellence, and flexibility that enables you to learn at your own pace. Our goal is to prepare you for life and higher education.

Life Skills Included

Interested in business or entrepreneurship? You can create, buy, and sell clothing, furniture, and other items in our virtual store. You can even post ads in our Weekly Literary Magazine to drum up business.

Do you like to create videos? Both educational videos and just-for-fun videos can be shared on the platform. The best videos are reviewed by professionals who have judged the Emmy Awards and other prominent film competitions!

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